Aktif Printing and Advertising Services Industry and Trading LLC. was established as an “Agency” in Cağaloğlu in 1987.

Agency started its own business and using own Printing Machines in Topkapı in 1992.

Adopting customer satisfaction and printing quality as a principle, in 1996, our company expanded its machinery and increased its production and product range with the support of its customers.

Our company moved to Sefaköy in 2006: In a closed area of 2.000 m2, it continues to contribute to our country’s economy with offset printing, continuous forms and promotion services with its 50 employees by increasing the service and quality it provides to its customers with new printing and bookbinding machines.

Machine Parkour

Heidelberg Speedmaster, 70 × 100, 4 + 4, 8 Color Offset Printing Machine

Roland Rekort 70 × 100 1 + 1, 2 Color Offset Printing Machine

Kodak 70 × 100 GRP Molding Machine

Wohlenberg 21 Station American Capping Machine

Müller Martini 6 Station Robotic Wire Sewing Machine

Aster Thread Sewing Machine

Müller Martini 3 Color Coil Continuous Forming Machine (Double Boiler)

Riyobi 2 Color Continuous Form Machine

Fleece 90 cm. Paper Cutting Machine

Heidelberg 25 × 35 Letterpress Printing Machine

Ultra Threshing Machine

Eurocutter Schneider 115 cm. Paper Cutting Machine

Heidelberg 80 × 100 Paper Folding Machine

MBO 70 × 100 Paper Folding Machine